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PeaZip is an open source portable file archiver. It supports its native PEA archive format (featuring compression, splitting and flexible authenticated encryption and integrity check schemes) and other mainstream formats, with especial focus on handling open formats. PeaZip allows to browse archives in navigational or flat mode, to apply multiple inclusion and exclusion filters to archives, to extract multiple archives at once. While defining objects to be archived, PeaZip can save, restore and edit archive's layout, and to fine tune archiving, compression and encryption options for supported formats; multiple files and dirs can be added to a single archive or even to separate archives at once. Default output path may be defined both for extraction or archiving operations, which may be overridden for a single session or for a single operation. Both for extraction and archiving operations the program allows to save job definition as command line (for learning or scripting purpose) and to have a detailed job log after each operation. Aside as an archiving/compression software, PeaZip can be used to: split/merge files in multiple volumes compress executables with split/UPX generate random passwords or keyfiles PeaZip's most used functions are also available in SendTo and context menu The interface is customisable for opacity, some colors, and icons.

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